Sophie is a sensitive human being with soft skin, a beautiful smile and understanding eyes. She wants to talk frankly about her period to change peoples mind. She was telling me about an older relative of her who had lived in India for a couple of months. „She told me that she had to sleep in a stable during her menstruation“, Sophie says. „This was the first time I realized what a huge taboo a woman’s period was.“ Sophie got hers when she was 12 years old, the day she came back from a school trip. „I was wearing my favorite undie: a red one with blue stars“, the 23-year-old says and smiles. She didn’t grow up with a negative feeling about her period and she wants girls to feel good about it too. „A womens monthly bleeding is the most natural thing ever and nothing to be ashamed of.“

Sophie takes care of herself. She listens to her body and tries to give it what it needs. When she was a teenager she started to take birth control pills. She gained weight and didn’t really feel like herself anymore. „My head was like a cotton ball“, the 23-year-old remembers. „Stop taking hormons was the best decision ever, my whole mindset changed.“ Today Sophie knows: Her period is something positive, beautiful and cleaning.

While Sophie’s happy with herself and her period, she knows that society is still tabooing it. „Well it’s true: I am more sensitive during my menstruation, but you can’t simply generalize this fact over all women“, Sophie explains. „People need to stop judging.“ She used to listen to other opinions more than to herself. Nowadays she understands that no one can nor should make decisions for her. Also, she critizes media and tv. „How come bloody scenes in action movies are normal but as soon as we talk about a womens monthly bleeding everybody goes nuts?“, she asks. „It’s hypocritical to have men fight and kill each other and at the same time think that bloody underpants are disgusting.“