„You know I really feel feminine even though some people might disagree“, OJ says while laughing and I am a huge fan of her from the beginning. „There are so many different types of beauty and I won’t let anyone put me in a box.“ Since OJ was a kid she’s loved sports and has always been tomboyish. Nowadays she does fitness on regular base and lives a healthy lifestyle. „Sometimes people say things like ‚I don’t like my women too masculine‘ or ‚really sporty women aren’t sexy“ but this is just a huge stereotype I don’t want to support in any way.“ OJ thinks that nobody ever should get categorized by anyone. And she never felt insecure for being different. „Why should I doubt myself for being who I am?“ Another thing OJ doesn’t like is the fact that women still can’t talk about their sexuality in some environments. „The same goes with our menstruation“, the 30-year-old says. „This is why I always talk about my period completely openly“, she explains. „It’s something natural and I won’t make it a taboo.“

OJ got her period when she was nine years old. Since she has been the first one in her class she felt pretty lonely for a long time. „I was in so much pain for a whole week and couldn’ talk to my friends about it“, she remembers. „With only nine years I wasn’t ready for this huge change.“ When OJ became a teenager things got easier. „Because of my intense bleeding I leaked sometimes but my friends and I were going through it together so it was easier for us“, she explains. „We girls supported each other.“

Sport is an important part of OJ’s life, but she can’t be active during her menstruation – the cramps are too intense. „I am knocked out for seven days“, OJ says. „But talking frankly about it helps me and it helps people understand what I am going through.“ The 30-year-old thinks that no women should have to feel uncomfortable or have to lie because of her menstruation. „People need to know. Period.“ This is why she is really happy her boyfriend understands and would never say that a women’s period is distasteful. „Mature men know that the menstruation is natural and not a disgusting taboo“, OJ says. „It’s who we are and nothing to be ashamed of.“