Anesa is a sweet 16 year old girl with green eyes and an adult mind. She talks calmly and argues reasonably. When speaking about girl power she says that she thinks about strong and independent women, who aren’t intimidated by anyone. „Somebody who isn’t as tough and has a big mouth can also be strong and cope with challenges.“ Anesa thinks that she is pretty shy. „If I don’t know somebody I am quiet at the beginning“, she explains. „Introversion is often understood as something negative but that’s not necessarily the truth.“ There are so many clichés about people who don’t talk so much. „Just because I think a lot and don’t like to speak in front of a lot of people I am not a pushover“, the 16-year-old says. „I do believe in myself even though I am shy.“

Anesa is pretty good at school but she doesn’t raise her hand often during classes. This is sometimes missunderstood as her not being interested in the topic or looks like she doesn’t know the answer even if she does. „I am really thankful for the teachers who know that I am a good student even though I don’t really show my knowledge in class.“, the 16-year-old says. She also tries to talk more in front of class but it is simply a process that takes time. „Luckily my colleagues are nice and know I am not stupid or something like that“. It’s hard enough for Anesa to be shy and introverted in a world where only super extroverted people with a big mouth seem to get heard but it’s even harder when people keep on talking to her about how she needs to change and that she isn’t enough the way she is. „I want people to accept me just like I am without judging all the time.“

The women in Anesas family are her biggest idols. She says about her mother that she is cautios and thoughtful but still really independent and strong. „My mother has gone through so much, she fled during the Balkan war and managed to start a new life in Austria“, Anesa’s got sparks in her eyes while talking about her mother. „New country, new language, new work, new friends – my mom made it all possible.“ She wants to be that independent and strong when she grows up. And there is one other thing: Anesa wants people to stop judging her for her introversion. Comments like „Be more outgoing“, „You need to talk more“ or „Be more self confident“ aren’t efficient at all because you can’t and you shouldn’t change somebody just so that the person „fits“ more into social structures. „I am fine the way I am and people should stop underestimating me and my self confidence just because of the fact that I am shy.